Posted on Jul 9, 2015

A while ago, when companies were starting their business, essentially none of them had the concern to invest in online content. The internet was not as important as the TV or radio in the means of communication. However, a few years from now, it has become the main resource in the social life of the population. Gradually emerged social networks, spaces where people could interact with others anywhere in the world, build relationships, interact with different realities and communicate to the world their thoughts. Brazil is now the second country with more users on Facebook.

Thus, consumers, that once spent hours in front of the TV watching the commercial, are now at the computer or at their smartphones, leading to online communication wherever they go. In a world where everyone is connected virtually 24 hours a day, professionals realized that there was a need for companies to begin to interact in real time as well with their audience , understand them and become part of their lives. With the popularity of social networks came the diversity of profiles and public, making it necessary to study the market, research and understand the facts.

With globalization, phone usage and mobile internet changed everything. People now have direct access to the social media and people have increased daily phone usage, which brings a fascination about them due to the models, tools and forms of communication offered. With connections, people who were reserved and timid began to show as a way of interaction. In addition, social media began to direct fashion, among beauty standards, behavior and language. Therefore, increased consumption of cosmetic products, surgical procedures, and advertising gained momentum, acting on the way people think.

According to Diane von Furstenberg, “Ignoring the Internet is total madness,” she did not record her show but did update her Facebook and Twitter page with backstage photos from the event. “Being active on the Internet is indispensable to growth and for being relevant. It helps your business to be truly global and truly multi-generational”. Fashion characteristics are introduced to a social system composed of potential adopters, which the social media can be a huge influence.

Businesses now use social media to connect with their consumers on a more personal level. Social media has opened new ways to potential buyers, have extended the way in which consumers and others can access information about numerous things relating to fashion. In the last few years, fashion has become a universal industry providing to international customers with backgrounds. Suddenly, the radical change in communication lets users to participate, follow and discuss any fashion ideas and news and purchase fashion items online. No matter how big or small a brand is, they are always able to communicate with buyers and audience. Within the last decade, the fashion industry has grown internationally because of the presence of social media.

There are many way in which social media is being used by the fashion industry. They include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and blogging. Out all the social media resource listed, blogging is one of the most popular in the industry today. “In 2006 there were approximately 27 million blogs in the world. Corcoran mentioned some 2 million of these blogs were devoted to fashion and fashion/shopping-related themes” (Julia Yates). Fashion bloggers have obtained a space for themselves in the fashion industry. Brands are looking towards the blogs for feedback. They would also like to be a connection between them and their consumers. Bloggers posts have great impact on how many people dress, shop, wear their styles. Fashion blogging has become an active part of social media’s impact on the fashion business.

The second most popular social media app is YouTube.  This social application was created to display videos. Many YouTube users can upload videos about fashion, including hair and beauty tips to share with people all over the world. These viewers value these videos because they can simultaneously watch and do their make up at the same time. Depending on how interesting and useful the YouTube video is, many viewers will subscribe and pass on, helping the You Tuber sell their own name. Viewers and video uploaders benefit from these videos. Many YouTube users generate money from marketing products for companies in their videos and go on to having their own fashion businesses and selling products of their own. A business, brand or retailer should be conscious of their overall content when uploading videos. The more creative a brand´s content is, the more likely it is to receive a re-share and likes across social media.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many other apps are greatly use today to persuade how one understands and apprehend fashion. The photo apps are engaged toward the younger generation. The reason for their success depends on their effort. For a generation that lives in a fast pace world, convenience and quickness is key to success.

Between these, Instagram is one of the most innovative application created for fashion and photography lovers. It is a mobile application for photo sharing and visual goals.  Many users apply Instagram as a network of self-expression to the world. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram’s attraction to users is in which it provides purposes both for individuals that enjoy fashion and for owners of fashion brands. Instagram is used to display their personal lines, to give make up tips, cooking recipes and many other skills they have, however fashion industry is the most predominant. Many designers have fallen on Instagram as a way to advertise their brands. ” It seemed like a great idea to me, as casting through Instagram seemed cool, current and strong. We wanted the ads to shout with youth and energy… To be fresh and reclaim the spirit that the collection had when we first conceived of it – to be another collection, not a second line” (Marc Jacobs).

That time when a brand’s image was based on their quality of goods and simple print ads is no longer around. As the fashion industry has incorporated social media, brands are expanding their horizons and opening their doors to personal contact. Social media had helped fashion grow drastically. The fashion industry will never be the same after fashion blogs, live streaming shows, and the social shopping where we get all sorts of opinions on different pieces of clothing through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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