Posted on Aug 12, 2015

Wear gym clothes just for exercise became outdated. The main cities of the world dictated a new concept of clothing based in people that take a life style fitness, and enjoy the workout look for other daily appointments. Yoga pants are no longer restricted to classes or the gym, people walking on the streets with running shoes combined with waterproof sports jackets has increased frequently. Usually, their fate is a lunch with friends or ride at the mall. This behavioral change reflects a new concept of clothing. Fitness fashion stopped being a fashion trend and became a lifestyle trend. This change on people´ routine resulted fitness fashion to gain the streets. Societies are looking for piece of clothes that can be used several times, not just during physical activities.

Physical exercise does not only requires dedication, it also requires the adjustment to the way of dressing. When working out, all athletes want to wear comfortable, durable clothing that gives them the confidence to reach their fitness goals. For women, get away from that pattern legging with already worn sweaters is the best option. The fitness fashion is also versatile and brings news to compose comfortable productions combined with the taste and style. For men it is also the hint. There is no reason to stop a perfect look to showing good form.

In addition, specialized industry is investing in comfort and innovative pieces to dress better fans of physical activities. Renowned brands offer athletes some modern technology combined with design for comfort and style. Other accessories can also increase the production of bags, backpacks and even watches. Keep fit with style is the best option for those who want to feel good about your body and appearance.

However, beauty is not the only thing that stands out on fitness fashion, but also the technological fabrics, which guarantee more comfort and efficiency in the practice of physical exercises. This is not something expensive; some athletics may be using a performance fabric without knowing it. These fabrics are increasing and innovating. Technologies such as easy-care, sweat transportation, fast drying, anti -bacterial, anti- odor fabrics, Anti -UV filter among others are already found with much more frequency.

Working out has more or less been perceived as a men’s thing, but as women’s spending power grows, both male and female young professionals are devoting more time and money to their bodies in order to stay in shape. Many fitness franchises are setting up shops in every possible corner of the world and have rapidly become fixtures in the high streets and shopping malls. This market will continue to grow. It is estimated that by 2019 the segment manages 178 million dollars, according to the American company Trefis research. In the last three years, the growth of athletic apparel companies exceeded the traditional companies. Some factors are decisive for this scenario to continue, among them, the availability of best sports fabrics with technological advances and the fact that people are exercising more. Great fast fashion brands have begun to take advantage of these improvements and launch their sportswear lines.

Active wear sales are growing rapidly causing the active sports category to become one of the fastest growing segment on the market. Consumer market research firm NPD reported that sales of active wear and athletic footwear reached $36 billion in 2013, resulting sales in this category to grow faster than other apparel. It seems that everywhere we go gym gear is present, and this might just be the beginning. A number of traditional ready-to-wear and accessories brands have added an active wear category to their offerings, such as H&M, Old Navy, and Juicy Couture. Tory Burch has also announced that her label will begin offering active wear options, meant for both inside and outside of the gym.

Although these clothes are meant for dynamic activity, companies are preparing to be suitable for every day. “A lot of it can be what you wear on the weekends. It is casual and comfortable, and you still feel good whether or not you are working out. I know some people aspire to these [athletic] activities and others dabble in them, so I think it should reach some more serious athletes as well as people who are still getting into it,” says Hartl. To dress their most loyal fans, some of the most popular fitness studios in New York have recently expanded their own lines of apparel to increase brand awareness both in and outside of class.

Additionally, classic sports brands like Nike and Adidas are joining forces with luxury designers at an alarming rate. Many designers are and should be inspired by what is going around in the world. Whether or not you are a fitness believer, the trend of wearing active attire both inside and outside of the gym is likely here to stay, at least for a while.  Recognitions in part to the increasing popularity of integrating sporty elements into street style looks, but also because of what has been shown on the runways.

The consequences of Brazil to host mega sporting events increased businesses linked to physical activities in the country. Thus, the consumption fashion fitness, which already has enough positive numbers, also tends to grow more, generating great opportunities for small business. According to the International Health, Racquet & Sports club Association (IHRSA), in 2012, Brazil became the second country in the world rankings in gyms quantity, trailing only for United States. This indicates that there are many gym users and consequently consumer of fashion fitness.

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