Protection of persons and other subjects as for the personal data treatment. Information according to the paragraphs 13 and 23 of the Law decree “Code about the protection of personal data”

Consea and Selea Recruitment, with legal head office in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 84 – 10121 TORINO, according to its own professional ethical code and to the professional ethics code chosen by Assores ( Associazione Italiana fra Società e Studi di Consulenza per la ricerca e Selezione del Personale) and according to the Laws 903/77 and 125/91, perform the personnel recruitment processes aiming at the equality between male and female workers, not discriminating the male or female candidates.

Consea and Selea Recruitment commit themselves to treat data besides to protect them respecting the highest confidentiality, with accuracy and diligence, according to the policies of the “Code about the protection of personal data” (Law decree 196/03) and following modifications in the following ways:

According to the paragraphs 13 and 23:

The data freely communicated by You, both sensible and not sensible, included in the curricula freely sent replying to an advertisement published by press or in Internet, will be treated both in a paper and in an IT form, exclusively for research and recruitment purposes according to the candidate’s professional experiences or related to the role subject to the research.

The curricula can be forwarded to Authorities, Organisations and Customer Companies who have entrusted us with the task, or can be kept by Consea and Selea Recruitment for further researches complying with the candidate’s profile.

The data included in the curricula will be treated, kept or spread only after the candidate’s written authorisation. Therefore the company reminds to candidates to attach to their CV the consent to the personal and sensible data treatment with the following formulation: “According to the Law Decree 196/03, I give my consent to the treatment of my data, even the sensible ones, and to their transfer to third parties, even out of the European Union – Subscribe”.

The data assignment and related consent on the candidate’s behalf are optional. The missing authorisation to the data treatment will compel Consea and Selea to destroy Your CV and therefore not to evaluate the submission within a recruitment procedure.

According to paragraph 7:

The interested person is entitled to have the confirmation of the existence or the missing existence of the personal data concerning him /her, even if they haven’t been registered yet, and their communication in an understandable form.

The interested person is entitled to have the indication: of the personal data origin or the purposes and ways of the treatment or the logic applied in case of treatment performed with the help of electronic tools or the identification particulars of the owner, of the persons in charge and of the representative appointed for the services of paragraph 5, comma 2 or the subjects or subjects categories to whom the personal data can be communicated, or who can get to know them as representative appointed in the State Territory, as persons responsible or in charge.

The interested person is entitled to get: the update, rectification or, when he/she is interested in it, the integration or cancellation of the data, the transformation into an anonymous form or the block of the data treated in a law infringement, including the ones whose preservation is not necessary as for the purposes for which they have been gathered or treated later on or the declaration that the operations mentioned in the numbers 1. and 2. have been made known, even as for their content., to the persons to whom data have been communicated or spread, except in the case in which this fulfilment happens to be impossible or requires an employment of means clearly excessive toward the protected right.

The interested person is entitled to stand out, totally or partially: or to the treatment for lawful reasons of his/ her personal data, even if they are relevant to the gathering purpose or to the treatment of personal data concerning him/her for the shipment of advertising material or for direct sale or for the performance of market surveys or commercial communications. In case of a research by advertisement, if there isn’t any call to a recruitment interview, after 60 days since the advertisement publishing, the research will have to be considered finished, without any further related communication. Consea and Selea Recruitment are owners of the data treatment, the person in charge of the data treatment is the Person Responsible for Consea, domiciled at the company’s head office. For further information and/or clarification, You can refer to the unabridged text of the Law Decree 196/03.